TARGETS was designed for the development of RNAV procedures.
It can also be applied to the en route environment and other airspace development projects.
A TARGETS brochure is available in PDF format.
An FAA article is also available on the internet.

TARGETS simplifies RNAV procedure development in several ways.

By pointing and clicking the mouse within the graphical interface, users can derive latitude/longitude coordinates and create a desired flight path.

ARINC 424 coding of the route legs can be accomplished through a single dialog.

Flyability and FAA checks can be performed on any number of defined paths for various aircraft performance characteristics. This feature provides immediate feedback on the feasibility of a proposed RNAV procedure.

TARGETS uses a publicly available, regularly maintained database containing extensive information on the National Airspace System (NAS) including airports, runways, fixes, navigational aids (Navaids), and Special Use Airspace (SUA) data. Procedure developers can import topographical map data including waterways, highways, pipelines, power lines, railways and state and county borders.

The traffic simulation capability of TARGETS can assist users in visualizing interactions between RNAV and conventional operations, analyzing the potential benefits of, and becoming familiar with a new RNAV procedure.

It is important to remember that while TARGETS provides valuable assistance in designing and evaluating procedures, it is only one part, albeit a significant part, of a complex process. Taking a new procedure from conception to implementation requires careful use of all applicable directives and collaboration among numerous interested parties.

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